With more than 20 years of experience, PHOENIX FIREPUMPS can be proud of having a network of trained Field Distributors ready to help. Providing sound advice, expert product knowledge training, and on-site demonstrations.

We are a technology and performance-driven company but advancing technology is not why we’re here.  We never want to lose sight of what we do and why we do it.

Our goal is simply to build the best-performing portable fire pumps in the world. Period. It is not good enough to be one of the best. We want to be THE best in every challenge we enter and we are confident that when you buy a Phoenix FirePump, you’ll experience our dedication, passion, engineering, and attention to detail that makes Phoenix FirePumps and products the best.

If you currently own a Phoenix FirePump, then you already know that they prime better, power better, output better and simply deliver better than any other portable fire pump on the market. This same drive to be the best extends to our customer service and support. We love our customers and our interaction and relationships with them.

after sales support

Our dedication to you doesn’t stop when you purchase your pump. That’s because owning a PHOENIX should be as rewarding as the reliability and quality it provides you. All PHOENIX pumps are backed with a full 2 year warranty for added peace of mind and include Phoenix’s legendary service, backup and support that exceeds your expectations.


We know customers expect quality, the first time and every time. Quality is at the heart of our company culture. Our processes are set up to ensure that all our products meet our quality standards. When you see the PHOENIX FIREPUMP label, you know you’re receiving a top quality product. We have backed this up by obtaining the international quality standard ISO9001:2015.

service | meaningful experience

PHOENIX FIREPUMPS is known for our outstanding service, and we continue to pursue the highest standard of service. Customers can expect this high standard from everyone in the business, not just the front sales team. Everyone at PHOENIX understands that our customers and pump users are the most important part of our business success.

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