Faster and More Precise


The high-precision engine and pump components developed by Phoenix’s sophisticated machining technology are as efficient as it gets thanks to our investment in CNC technology. In the field of fire pumps, this technology ensures that our components are 100% consistent and reliable.

Armed with precision operating controls and the maximum output power of Phoenix’s technology, critical water transfer, supply and fire fighting confidence can only rise.

Electronic technology integration

Integration of Phoenix Firepumps advanced componentry with superior electronic engine management technology, helps Phoenix products operate more accurately and efficiently at higher volume output.

At Phoenix, we understand that reliability and performance are critical which is why we choose only proven brand engines for your total peace of mind. For an engine to make it into a Phoenix fire pump, it has to be rigidly tested in the field with a proven track record of low maintenance and high performance.

With our ISO9001:2015 certified technology and expert leadership, our fire pumps are designed for use in extreme environments. That’s why you’ll never second guess your first instinct.

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