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Phoenix FirePumps’ founder is one of the most respected Portable Fire Pump developers in the upper echelon of our industry. A Chief Fire Officer himself for 35 years, Mike truly understands – being an end user – what it takes to continually output the absolute best in pumps.

Welcome to Phoenix FirePumps

Our industry is in an exciting phase. I cannot remember a time when real, performance-enhancing technology has developed so rapidly and I’m proud to say that Phoenix FirePumps is at the forefront of this growth. Since launching Phoenix FirePumps in 1998 we have continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in portable fire pump design and innovation. When we see an area that can be improved or where we can bring a performance gain to our customers, we pursue it aggressively, both inside and outside our company. We work closely with our partners like Kohler, Vortex, and of course Vanguard by Briggs and Stratton, as well as many others within the industry to achieve our goal of developing a better pump, and it shows in our current generation of Phoenix products.

We are always reaching to achieve the next level, so we’ve invested heavily in Research and Development to further this goal and grow our capabilities. In addition to our strong engineering capabilities and in-house manufacturing to develop new models and machine high-tolerance pump components, we take our commitment to quality and reliability seriously. With features like stainless steel wrap-around frames, twin delivery outlets, 4” or 3” inlets with a variety of threads, inbuilt flexible halogen flood light, full instrumentation and integrated fuel tanks, our pumps deliver. All fixings are corrosion resistant stainless steel, and our pumps are made from corrosion resistant aluminium alloy CC601 grade heat treaded to T6 condition, and are offered with the choice of Bronze or Alloy impeller and fitted with a no maintenance self adjusting mechanical seal. Long lasting UHMWPE wear rings are fitted to the pump casing. We also manufacture the custom build portable fire pump option for our customers who require a unique set of specifications, making for an almost endless combination of outputs and styles. With our latest technology, we now have the ability to see and test new concepts and ideas more quickly and to dream even bigger than ever before.

We are a technology and performance-driven company but advancing technology is not why we’re here. We never want to lose sight of what we do and why we do it. Our goal is simply to build the best-performing portable fire pumps in the world. Period. It is not good enough to be one of the best. We want to be THE best in every challenge we enter and we are confident that when you buy a Phoenix FirePump, you’ll experience our dedication, passion, engineering, and attention to detail that makes Phoenix FirePumps and products the best. If you currently own a Phoenix FirePump, then you already know that they prime better, power better, output better and simply deliver better than any other portable fire pump on the market. This same drive to be the best extends to our customer service and support. We love our customers and our interaction and relationships with them.

It’s our vision, our calling and our ultimate goal to design and build cutting edge fire pumps that take your fire fighting experience to a whole new level and do it in a way that provides you with the best possible reliability and safety, whether you’re already using a Phoenix or in the process of becoming a Phoenix owner. By following our core values in everything we do, we become successful and with success comes motivation which fuels our fire.

You may tell yourself you can fight the harshest fire or pump the worst flooding without a Phoenix FirePump, but you won’t.

Never second guess your first instinct.

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