Engineered for the ENVIRONMENT

We take the environment seriously. PHOENIX FIREPUMPS is committed to seeking designs, components and processes that are sustainable and better for our environment. Our lean manufacturing plant drives the company to minimise waste through every step and process.

At Phoenix, we recognise that we have a responsibility to our employees, our clients, our collaborators and the public to minimise the environmental impact of our activities. We are committed to preserving and maintaining the environment, through the implementation of environmental management procedures across our ISO9001:2015 certification.

Our continual striving for advanced engine and pump design ensures we deliver low fuel emissions and an increase in fuel efficiency. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative pump solutions, which contribute to enhancement of the environment and minimise fuel consumption, fuel costs and your carbon footprint.

Our objectives are to ensure that consumption, waste, and risks to the environment are actively managed and minimised in all areas of our operations.

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