Game-Changing SupaJet1400 EFI Pump is in Production

Introducing the revolutionary new Phoenix Firepumps SUPAJET1400 EFI portable fire pump. We've improved upon each and every individual component to form a truly superior pump. The SJ1400 EFI is nothing like you’ve ever used before. With a built-in Hybrid Cooling Engine System and a revolutionary new intuitive control panel, this 40HP electronically fuel injected portable fire pump is burning up the opposition with its reliability and power.


It’s fast: 1440 litres per minute at 7 bar pressure. It’s powerful: 40 HP. It fills a 5000 litre portable dam in 2.75 minutes. Level of performance, reliability and ease of use is unimaginable to any other portable fire pump of its kind. Phoenix Firepumps SJ1400 EFI – nothing like you’ve ever used before.

Dripping with performance, the new SJ1400 EFI perfectly embodies Phoenix Firepumps’ philosophy of designing every pump to perform at the pinnacle of its function. For fire fighters seeking the ultimate in performance and reliability, the push-of-a-button confidence-inspiring SJ1400 EFI won’t disappoint. With more power than ever before, the ability to move more water faster has just been realised.

“Decades of experience as the undisputed leader in fire pump technology, has culminated in our most powerful, progressive pump ever.  Our SJ1400 EFI is the most advanced 40HP electronically fuel-injected pump in the world. The only one of its kind” states Phoenix Firepumps.

Yes, there have been EFI precedents, most notably by Phoenix themselves, but certainly not like this pump. The benefits of the unconventional new New Zealand-designed Phoenix fire pump compared to traditional petrol or diesel burning pumps now seem overwhelming.  Our close relationship with Briggs&Stratton Vanguard engines ensures we stay ahead of the market and the latest 40HP Big-Block V-Twin electronic fuel injected engine with the new Hybrid Cooling System is innovation you can take to the bank.

The SJ1400 EFI V-Twin OHV engine has higher HP and better valve life compared to engines of similar capacity, has superior durability and lower emissions improving engine life, is much smoother, offers much better fuel consumption and running costs, produces significantly less toxic emissions, and with more torque much lower in the rev range, will thrust water into a tanker much quicker … and that’s before you consider the safety and reliability features.

The benefits of the pump design are many, most significantly that the dynamically balanced crankshaft offers perfect primary balance of the engine and a smoothness normally associated with six-cylinder petrol engines, not two-cylinder engines of any type. With a lack of vibration inherent in the design, this Vanguard V-Twin EFI engine certainly impresses on low noise output. With the added benefit of the Electric Control Module allowing for altitude compensation and optimised starting, the SJ1400 EFI is without doubt, a game-changer in the pump market.


The SUPAJET1400 EFI has remarkable low rpm torque, with 40HP on offer at 3600 RPM. Combine that with our highly efficient pump end and the result is a truly superior pump. That’s the type of grunt that will immediately move 1440 litres of water in one minute, offering a far different experience than any traditional gasoline or diesel driven pump.

Using less fuel, this high performance engine combined with a massive horsepower output delivers unmatched reliability and power. First time, every time. Coupled with lower carbon emissions, produces a pump which is cleaner and greener for our environment.  As the world’s first 40HP EFI portable fire pump, the SJ1400 EFI delivers impressive fuel economy and exhaust emissions that fall well within the latest CARB and EU limits. Even at full throttle and full loading, it typically burns less than 11 litres of fuel per hour, giving up to 20% more fuel efficiency than a carburettored engine of similar performance.

The SJ1400 EFI will be a boon for hot climate emergency situations. Arduous fire fighting and critical water transfer and supply in extreme hot temperatures requires a pump that is light enough to easily manoeuvre but also grunty enough to perform at peak without overheating. That’s where the advanced Hybrid Engine Cooling system of the SJ1400 EFI really shines. The heart of the new SJ1400 EFI is a uniquely designed air and water cooled engine system. With our powerful EFI powered motor combined with the right combination of composite materials and functionality, we are able to deliver a high performing pump which regulates the internal engine temperature through the water cooled heat exchange, making it possible to protect from over-heating and ultimately improve engine longevity.  Operating superbly in ambient temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, this game-changing feature comes as a standard function making the SJ1400 EFI the go-to pump for hot climate regions such as South Asia, Bangladesh, India, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Africa.

Our innovative new technology keeps the lubricating oil cool and within the oil manufacturers temperature limits, which in turn lowers the internal temperature of the SJ1400 EFI preventing damage to internal engine parts.

Phoenix Firepumps are simply technology you won’t need to worry about. The SJ1400 EFIs’ on-demand priming – 7m in less than 30 seconds – in a simple push button operation is transformative. Operated via an electric clutch with self-lubricating carbon vanes the Rapid Priming System means no messy oil residue – and no oil means no pollution. And that’s always at the top of our priority list.

At Phoenix, we pursue the creation of innovative new pump designs and easy-to-use control functions by keeping one jump ahead of the users’ imagination and the competitors reality. Redefining performance, is what we do. The SJ1400 EFI sports a revolutionary new intuitive digital control panel, another of the innovative features sure to please.  The multi-functional LCD display features both engine RPM and running hours, engine internal temperature, battery voltage, oil pressure, fuel gauge, low fuel indicator lamp, plus both high temperature and malfunction indicator lamps all in one convenient, easy-to-read location.

For the new SUPAJET1400 EFI, we improved upon each and every individual component. Together they form a truly superior pump. A perfectly balanced total system. Improving performance by maximising efficiency: that’s how we’re able to ensure the best for fire fighters with the highest demands.

Production of the Phoenix SJ1400 EFI portable pump has begun and the world’s first viable 40HP EFI gasoline engine is on the market at last.

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